October 26, 2012

Back to digital life

Hi There,

I've been really busy in the summer months and I had almost no time to work on AIT2. I hope I can reheat the project and work on it regularly.

What happened in these months? I sent emails to several guys on C64 scene asking for help. Most of them were afraid of the unusual platform (C64 vs Plus/4), the others simply had no time for this project. The "funny" fact is that the graphics mode and its restrictions are the same (character screen, multicolor mode) on both computers.

Finally found a Plus/4 graphician who helps me to draw animations (I'm not so talented in small sprite animations). Thanx Chronos! :)

WIP versions of some sprites:

A blob
Rotating robot head


ConceptArt said...

great! :)

Ati said...


Acrid said...


the Sprites are looking great so far. I hope the Project will end in a complete game, because i love the first AIT (sure i bought a copy from psytronic).

Best regards

Stefan 'Acrid' Nowak

Vladimir Janković said...

Good to see project moving on!
Great work!