October 02, 2006

Everything has a beginning...

Hi There,

Do you like Commodore Plus/4? Do you like the platform games like Monty on the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty and similars? Ever wanna create a platform game for your Plussy? If yes, this blog is for you!

Many years ago i decided i will create a platform game for this old machine, the Plussy. This idea didn't come into reality for years. A few months ago i decided i start to make it. My idea evolved into a "larger" project. I don't make a platform game only but i will develop a "platform game creator" for the PC and a "driver" for the Plussy. So it will become (i hope) a fully data-driver game and you just replace the datablock with your one and voilá, you got a brand new platform game.

What is the "platform" game genre? When you control a guy and you can go left and right and jump and climb ladders and fall into the deep, during your travel you have to collect various items and avoid the baddies. It's a peaceful game, you won't kill anything.

So this is my goal: a PC software to produce the datafile and a Plussy software which plays this datafile. After completing these, lets create a nice game for the Plus/4 community!

I started this blog too late (some months later after project start), so i have to post some more to reach the current state of my project... Wait for more :)
There are several reasons why i write this blog:
  • to inform you about my project,
  • some day lots of platform games born with help of this project,
  • it's a self-inspiration 'coz I'm a really lazy and sometimes I lose my interest about my projects :/ But there's a stress if the whole world watches my work...
Back soon...

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