October 08, 2009

Hello again,

Some weeks passed since my last blog entry. These weeks I played the idea of Plussy version of Prince Of Persia. It exists on numerous platforms, all kind of bits between 8 and 32. Spectrum, CPC, SNES, Amiga, PC and so on. We (the plussiers) have a small proof-of-concept demo of PoP here, but the visuals really should need a huge retouch.

First, I remodelled the entry screen of Level1 with a clean design.

At the second phase, i couldnt make a decision what kind of "bricks" would look cool...
These were version A and B:
Version A bricks were a quick attempt to create some selfmade graphics. The B bricks were sampled from the SEGA Genesis version... Needless to say which result is better :) A graphician who can't draw... So I choosed version B to move forward.

For step 3 I ripped the prince figure of CPC version, retouched for the +4 hardware capabilities, and here is the result:
I drawn some backdrops and smaller features here and there to make it nicer.

For last stage it's time for some "action"! I ripper the enemy soldier figure from CPC version and put it on the upper platform. I set some colors on the scene as well, to make it not-so-gray. And changed the bricks in the shadow to fit the scheme of other bricks (their size didn't fit).

That's all for today. I have more plans for next entry, stay tuned! :)

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