August 21, 2011

Looong time passed since my last post...
In the meantime I made lots of mockups and some games as well but I were too lazy to post these here.
I made a game Adventures in Time, a game for the Plussy. You can download it for free or if you wanna own a nice boxed retro game, you can buy it.

AIT was coded to 95% in one single month (december, 2009). Then another 4 months were spent to improve minor things, include musics (both thanks to Luca).

In this week I decided to start developing of Adventures in Time: The Second Scramble (a WIP title yet).

Some specifications decided:
  • The game will lay on disc (AIT: singlefile/tape solution)
  • The game will use character screen (AIT: bitmap graphics)
  • Will use a softsprite engine (AIT: objects are moved by character boundaries)
  • Will use a doublebuffered screen (Cons: game screen will be updated on half speed, 25 frame per second. Pro: I can double the amount of softsprites, which eat lots of CPU time)
  • Multicolor mode
Things I thought but not decided yet:
  • TED music and/or SID music (finally we can buy a SID card again, it is in active production stage)
  • Amount of colors in the levels (use only 4 colors globally or use 3 fixed + 1 changeable color per character...)
End of post, it's getting too long, hehe.

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