August 23, 2011

Video uploading issues

It will be a short post, I just want to share my first experiments with video uploading.

Originally I wanted to post a short video in this post.
First, I made very WIP version of the sprite engine. I wanted to show you it in motion, so I made a video (AVI) of it in YAPE emulator. Blogger has a feature: embed video which is uploaded to YouTube. "Fine, I have google account, I have YouTube account, they are linked, it will be piece of cake." I'm so naive :) Pressing "upload video" button on YouTube bring me a new page: "Create a channel! You can't upload videos if you don't have a channel." Hmm, still ok, let's continue. Next page: enter e-mail, id, all kind of data for a new "some-kind-of-account". WTF? Why do I need to have 3! different accounts for uploading a fukin' video??? No way YouTube, thanx anyway.

So, no video for ya this time...Instead of it you can see a screenshot with 8 pieces of 16x16px sprites, which are move, rotate, overlap text and other sprites. Believe me :)

Update: I could manage to upload my video directly into the blog, skipping YouTube.
The flashing on the border means various techy things about the doublebuffering and how fast (slow) the engine is...

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