February 23, 2013

Minor milestones


Finally I made some minor milestones in AIT2 development :)
- Spektro designed the very first level of AIT2. Thanks for it!
- Some minor tileset changes, dropped a few ideas and replaced to new ones which fit better in graphics style.
- The first enemies appeared! Still no collision test.
- Picking up coins now earn score.
- The water/lava/spikes finally kills the player.
- Checkpoint system. Instead of the method of original AIT where you respawn in last safe room/location before you died, now you respawn at last checkpoint Perhaps some rooms earlier. This method will irritate some people I know but it gives another strategic factor into level design.
- The negotiation with the music composer is in progress :)

A coin protected by snail

A bird flies over some new graphic elements

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Stefan 'Acrid' Nowak said...

It looks fantastic so far. Thank you very much for the status report. Best regards, Stefan from "Sprites, Shapes & Co".