April 10, 2013

Armadas of Bad Guys

Hi Followers,

In last weeks I made refinements on level1, implemented more types of bad guys so from now they can spread over the whole level 1 map :) They also hurt you if they touch you. On the other side you have 4 hitpoints before you lose a spare life! Naturally, you can refill your HP with potions you find on your way.
Csabo composes the music. We have plans of a never seen (heard) music player feature on the Plus/4 Scene :)
This means a releasing of the preview version soon with an unseen map designed for the preview. I have to implement some missing pieces of software until the preview:
  • Animate the water
  • Code the pickup event of potions (maximize HP)
  • A proper "player dies" animation instead of simply jumping back to last checkpoint.
  • Insert the music
  • Anything I forgot now...
The snail, the bird and the potion

We are Batmen!

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Anonymous said...

Lájk! :D (krona)