July 08, 2013

AIT2 preview available

Hi Guys,

Last weekend a preview version of AIT2 were released on Arok 15 party. You can find it here:

Adventures In Time 2 Preview on Plus4World

The preview contains one map specially designed for the preview. You won't find it in final product. The preview does not show all the features it could, I spared them for later time :)

Have fun playing it!



Anonymous said...

This game is so cool, I can't wait to see the full version! Keep it up and keep the Plussy alive!


Stefan Nowak said...

Hi, thank you very much for the preview. The game is great so far and i'll buy it immediately if it gets a release via e.g. Psytronik.

Best regards

Stefan 'Acrid' Nowak

Acrid said...


any news about this game? How far is the development?

Best Regards


Róbert Kisnémeth said...

Hi Stefan,

Glad you're interested in the game! The project is on pause. I definitely want to finish the game, only have to find any free time. In the last 12+ months I was quite busy with my job.

Panharith said...

This game is so cool!

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