August 06, 2016

The (in)activity of last 3 years and Arkanoid WIP video

Hi There,

I'm really sorry for the very long delay in updating this blog. Last years I was very busy with my real life job. I released stuff in slower rate as well.

My releases as coder or graphician...

  • Sgt. Helmet Zero - design and code and graphics by me, a ZX Spectrum conversion.
  • Memento - a memory game of Skoro; design and graphics by me.
  • Ghost Town - an old game recolored.
  • Warrior of RAS Volume I - a Commodore 64 game converted to Commodore Plus/4
  • Android 2 - another C64 game went to Plus/4
  • Xplode Man - a Bomberman clone by Skoro; design and graphics by me.
  • Pac-Pac - a Pacman clone by Skoro; design and graphics by me.
  • Crackers' Demo V - I made a playable Arkanoid part into this demo. It is based on the original arcade version.
The AIT2 project is not abandoned. It's just a too large project for one coder/graphician, and it overwhelmed me so I put it aside for a while (ahem, 3 years...)

These days I started to develop a full version of Arkanoid. The demo version contains all 32 rounds with the full feature set (pickable bonuses, enemies, shooting, explosions, etc.) and the endgame boss in a simple animation on ending screen. The full game will feature these as well:
  • Last round with boss battle. You have to hit Doh 16 times to destroy while trying to avoid its bullets.
  • Scoring
  • Hiscore
  • Two players mode (if possible, perhaps I will run out of memory...)

Current state of last battle in a short video

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